You’re Not the Only One

Between the pandemic, politics, and misinformation, it feels like we’re all losing our minds.

It’s not just you. I promise.

Many of us feel it. That nagging, low-grade anxiety of when, where, and how the next “black swan” catastrophe will unfurl its hideous wings.

It was an ominous, creeping feeling that started around the year 2010. Remember that simpler time when people dressed in faux-colonial costumes, railing about “Death Panels?” Then came the birthers, Obama’s tan suits, and of course, Hillary’s emails. Each conspiracy theory and manufactured outrage “scandal” crazier than the one before it, guaranteed to be regurgitated by Uncle Darryl at Thanksgiving dinner!

If you’re feeling nostalgic for those good ol’ days, here you go.

Then the shit really hit the fan. The crazy train, carrying all of us in it and accelerating to the speed of light, jumped the tracks on Nov. 8, 2016, splattered straight into the canyon wall, and exploded into a cacophony of crazy. I can’t say I was enthusiastic about either candidate, but I know a lunatic when I see one.

I deluded myself into thinking Republicans would “contain” the crazy, acting as guard rails. Mitch and Paul, well, they weren’t my cup o’ tea, but surely they wouldn’t accede to the rantings of a man-child, right? Right?

Then, the pandemic. A year of Zoom, isolation, conspiracy theories, presidential gaslighting, bleach injections and magic UV rays. Nobody, I mean nobody saw this coming…

And to think they called him senile.

Between the pandemic and constant stream of bad news and disinformation, a tsunami of insanity floods our feeds, our media, and our politics every minute of every day. It can feel hopeless, like there’s no end in sight.

Where do we go from here? How do we keep from losing our minds? What can we do to stay sane in an insane America? That’s why we’re here.

What keeps you sane in an insane America?